What day is it anyway?

Have you had to stop and really think about what day it is lately? I seriously wasn't sure about today until I asked Ian and even he had to stop and think about it! We are off schedule because of several things:

1 ~ I spent Friday with Beth and her girls and that is usually a Saturday thing.
2 ~ Saturday was the first in about a month that had nothing pre-scheduled.
3 ~ We were out (at Mama's) REALLY late Sunday night and Kylie and I slept until 10 the next morning, also usually a Saturday thing
4 ~ Last night was the first time I left the house since we got home Sunday night and I only left because praise team practice (usually Sunday) was rescheduled for then.

So overall the past few days have been "stay at home in your pajamas until you feel like changing" (if at all) kind of days. We didn't do much of importance, but many memories were created ~ and recorded with digital photo imaging of course (it is now April 11th and this month I've already taken over 350 pictures of my child ~ wow I'm glad digital is free!!!) We've had a few milestones as well, so stroll with me as I walk you through Monday and Tuesday...

"Let's see what is in this toy basket." ~ note that she still spends much of her time in a squat, and I LOVE those chubby little toes!

Monday was still pretty chilly despite the brilliant sunshine, so we took "Nanook" out for a stroll. Note that Daddy isn't too proud to push a pink stroller!

"Oh I do love plums with apples! More please!!!"
Kylie advanced from eating part of a stage 1 size baby food to eating an entire stage 2 size in a week. Today she polished off a container (stage 2 size) of garden vegetables, one of carrots, and one of pears for dinner ~ and that was after a 6 ounce bottle mixed with rice cereal.
"What do you mean these aren't cymbals?"
When there is music in the background ANYTHING becomes an instrument!

"I'll be really quiet, I promise!"
Kylie loves her daddy and knows that he is just down the hall during the workday hours. I usually keep her away from the french doors (she will stand and pound on the glass to get his attention) until 5:30 when I figure it is fair game...

In the words of Forrest Gump, "... and from then on I was running..."
Yesterday she ran across the living room for the first time. And by ran I mean that awkward toddler run where you wonder if their feet can keep up with their head as you also wonder how they (and yourself) are going to survive this stage!

"To my adoring fans out there, don't worry, I'll be here to sign autographs all week..."
This girl LOVES to stroll!

"Goodness I'm sleepy! Maybe I'll just relax for a few..."
And I could hardly get her to the crib fast enough

PS ~ Kylie (and her parents) want to thank you for your love and support! We'd also like to ask you to pray for our friend Caroline (and her family) who is very sick right now. And keep Gracie in your prayers too as she has recently been hospitalized again (reoccurrence of the same type thing)!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Cool shades!

Anonymous said...

She looks like a movie star in the sun glasses! Love the shot of her sitting with Ian as he is working. Know that is a special joy for him. She really does like the outdoors - even when the wind is blowing. She'll be fun to take camping when she is a little older.