Mei Mei's story ~ part 5

I nervously checked my email every few minutes until I finally saw my contact's reply that said the agency was flexible and open to considering families at six months.  We'd have to request a "formal exemption" that involved speaking with the China program director and signing a consent of release of information from our social worker for Caleb's adoption and post placement to speak with them about our family dynamics, but the door was still open!

Now that all the "fleece" was out there ~ and there were no more hurdles to clear, we had a major decision on our hands.  Just in case our thick human skulls couldn't comprehend how the signs that we'd already prayed about (each of which honestly could have stopped the process) had all been answered favorably, God put many conversations, sermons, songs, and just darn neat instances ~ that some would likely call coincidence though I believe otherwise ~ in our path.  

There was the whole conversation with Kylie in which she picked the name Darcy out of a list of five names that I gave her.
There was the fact that Darcy and my grandmother (my dad's mom ~ who the last time I saw her nearly six years ago before she died told me that I'd have a house full of children soon) share a birthday.  
There was the fact that the novel I was reading was set in the city Darcy currently resides in.
There is the cool trivia that at 11 months of age she was almost exactly the same size that Kylie and Caleb were at the same age.  
There's the conversation that a dear friend and I had late one night BEFORE she had a clue about Darcy when she said (talking about her own life, but still speaking directly to my heart), "Who am I to think about what is convenient to me in this world?"  (At this point we were thinking how crazy life would be with three kids essentially the same age).
There was the fact that we were on my grandma and grandpa's farm (the same grandmother that Darcy shares a birthday with)  when we got the call about receiving updated information on her.
There was the fact that once Ian and I saw her recent picture that her eyes spoke volumes into our hearts.
There was the fact that in her picture her little lips purse up into a "bow" just like Caleb's do when he's relaxed, causing me to say, "Look, she looks just like him."
There is a little girl in our OAKS group who has the same visual "special need" as Darcy and they are just two months apart in age.  This little girl's mother provided me a wealth of medical information on treatment for that special need.
There was the fact that on Easter Sunday as we drove from church to Mama's house that we both looked at each other without any other discussion and said, "She's our Darcy.  Let's do whatever it takes..."  
And that Easter Sunday closes out Lent, the season that we prayed for God to reveal to us His plan for us as it deals with orphans.  Did we "decide to decide" that day?  No, but that is the day that we just knew!

I suspect that all along I knew we'd be on the road to bring her home, but I can't fully express how joyful I am that God made it so clear along the way.  We did request, and obviously were granted (or there wouldn't be a story to tell), that exemption.  Then came the process of locating a Hague approved home study agency that would expedite our process.  We're waiting now for our child abuse clearances to come back so that we can get started.  In the meantime, we've collected everything but our photo pages for our dossier.  It's amazing how when you do this process "completely backwards" and have a picture of your child in every room of your house how quickly you can move!  

We've still got a long road ahead of us, I wasn't kidding when I said that I'm not at liberty to share more details about her yet.  Because she is on our agency's "agency specific list" we haven't submitted our LOI yet, we're waiting until our home study is finished to buy us more time in that tight dossier submission timeline.  Some days not having our PA yet causes me to have slight panic attacks, but God is faithful!  I have no doubt that because He brought us to this child that He will see the journey finished.  I've felt a peace about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas and if we continue to collect our dossier at the rate we've been going, that is still a very real possibility.

So three adoptions, three new children, three trips to China in three calendar years? (Hopefully we'll make it before 2010 is ushered in ~ please pray with us that we will!)  Five years ago, who would have thought?  I know I wouldn't have, yet now I see the beauty in God's plan and I'm ready to share it with others.  

When I was at my doctor's appointment for my physical there was a blank on my medical form asking if there was any reason that the patient couldn't carry a child.  Dr. R looked at me and asked, being sensitive to the private information.  I told her simply that the diagnosis had been "unexplained infertility."  She got a very sympathetic look on her face and said that she was sorry, that she'd seen so many friends frustrated at simply not having an answer why.  It was with true joy in my heart that I answered, "Oh, it's okay.  You see, it was only unexplained in medical terms, but I know THE reason why ~ God knew my babies were in China."  

Darcy, we'll be there as soon as we can be ~ get ready for us!

**And that's basically the story of how we found Darcy and came to know that she was indeed our third child, our second daughter, and Kylie and Caleb's Mei Mei.  I'll be talking about her more when I can!  


Amy Kelly said...

I am in tears! This is an amazing story! I am so excited to follow it to the end! I love you and am so happy for you! God is so good!

Laurie said...

what a beautiful story- one Darcy will love hearing when she's older. How MEANT TO BE!! We'll keep you in our prayers that the timing continues to work in your favor!! :)

Sharon said...

K...sitting here crying..started about half way through!! SO excited for you and Darcy!!! You guys are awesome and it encourages me to not give up yet on that 2nd adoption!!! THANK YOU for sharing!

Lora said...

You should put a warning at the top of that post: Caution: will cause you to cry! Great now my makeup is running and i have to go to work!
:) What a beautiful story! And you are so right Kristi about God's plan for you and your children!! :) Josh and I will be praying for you, Ian, Kylie, Caleb, and Darcy!! Love yall!

Amy Woods said...

Ahhhh!!! I'm sobbing here! Oh, Kristi!!!! I'm so excited for you and Ian!! I can't wait until you can share more about her! Wouldn't it be neat if we were in China at the same time picking up our children? Since we're now with different agencies it will probably be hard but look at the story you just told! He can do anything!!! Yeah!!

Jess Danielson said...

Oh my goodness!!! Oh Kristi and Ian!!! I am so happy for you!!!! Wow God is so faithful and knows that with him we can overcome anything!!
Our Gabe will be coming home with a visual sp. need also!! There is a visual SN yahoo group (not a ton of acitivity, but if you post many will answer!).

Nancy said...

Wow, Kristi, I have chills and am crying. This is so beautiful... how faithful you guys were as God revealed his plan. I've had similar experiences with getting the "sympathetic look" when I say I have unexplained infertility. I don't feel bad about it anymore because I know now that God already had Noah picked out just for us. Can't wait to read more as things develop! Congrats on your third paper pregnancy, Friend!

Grandma Shultz said...

What an amazing story. Our God is so wonderful. Every detail is divine. Can hardly wait to meet Darcy in person. Her little eyes are haunting. Can't wait to see them smiling and sparkling!
Love, LaoLao

Kimberly said...

Your story is beautiful and God's fingerprints are all over it! Rejoicing with you!

Carla Lewter said...

Beautiful Story Kristi. That is why I have not given up on our Leah Grace. Even though God has blessed up with the little suprise in my belly, he laid Leah on our hearts first. We are still completing her dossier, kind of taking our time. It is just incredible when we think back on how long we waited, and prayed and cried and waited for a 2nd child. Little did we know that God already knew that our arms would be overflowing before we knew it. We will be praying for you guys and for little Darcy. Can't wait to add her to your blog :)

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Yippie!!! Darcy Aunt Cici can't wait to meet you!!!!
Aunt Cici

DiJo said...

Hi Kristi!
Sharon sent me your blog! What a blessing to read your story filled with God's faithfulness, and answered prayers! We too, are being blessed by obediently following God's call. We are not sure how he will ultimately answer, but we are believe we are doing are best to be faithful to the call!

I pray that God will orchestrate the details for Darcy to be home with you soon!


Lisa said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I love it when God writes the story!!!!

Angela said...

Oh now I have 3 little ones to meet soon! I love it!



Jen Barbee said...

Simply beautiful. Thank you for reminding us all that God is faithful and HIS timing is perfect. I will be following the rest of the story to see how God continues to unfold Darcy's story.

Mendy said...

What a beautiful story! Our God is so awesome and His timing is always the right timing. Can't wait to learn more about Darcy in months to come. Praying for you all!

Pam said...

What an amazing story! God is good.

Jenn said...

LOVE it! God is so good. Can't wait to follow along!

Jenn said...

LOVE it! God is so good. Can't wait to follow along!

Anonymous said...

Just let us know when to be at the airport to meet your angel! We are soooo excited for you guys and will be in prayer for you. We love you and miss you BUNCHES!

Neil, Bekah, Katie and Emily