A prayer for Gracie

For the weekend, I'm going to hold off on fun Kylie news and ask that if you stop by Fireworks and Fireflies you will pray for one of the little girls we traveled with.

Gracie came to her family from the Jiangxi Province of China (north of where Kylie was from). She now lives in Washington state with her parents and three brothers. She is about four months older than Kylie. Since we all returned home (4 weeks ago yesterday) Gracie has spent about 10 days in the hospital (the first 3 days home and then the past week). The first time she had RSV combined with severe dehydration (she was vomiting about every 20 to 30 minutes for several days), and this more recent time they have run a battery of tests because doctors can't figure out why she can't seem to hold any food down.

Her parents are frightened ~ understandably so ~ but have faith that God will heal Gracie. Let's join in to pray that God will give the doctors the ability to figure out what is going on and treat it, or that God will just take the inability to hold food down away!

Thanks for praying for part of our China family!

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nai nai miller said...

It wrenches my heart to think that one of our China family is ill. I pray every day that God will hear our prayers for her healing. All children are precious but our China children are particularly dear to my heart.