Kylie's Easter games

After church, a delectable dinner at Mama's and our yearly pilgrimage to the Memorial Gardens, we returned to Mama's house to chill. Chilling at Mama's back in January (pre-Kylie) meant everyone headed to available couches, beds, and floor spaces to nap. Chilling at Mama's now means watching Kylie entertain us all!

We started by checking out our Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny must have been a bit confused because he left one at each of Kylie's grandma's houses. Thank goodness he remembered that she isn't eating candy just yet and she got some new toys for her water table, a toy peep that goes techno in water, a few books about Easter, and some other spring themed toys.

We snacked on some of our treats (I had some chocolate ~ I had given it up for lent) and then all sat mesmerized for quite some time as Kylie began to figure out her shape sorter. She has one at our house and one at Grandma's too but until Sunday was content to use the pieces as chewing toys. But finally she got that each shape went into a certain hole. Ian continued to empty the container each time she finished and she kept reloading. And we cheered!!!

Then she decided to put a new twist on "peek-a-boo" by using newspaper. What an ingenious baby ~ finally a good use for the tons of "junk stuff" that comes in the Sunday paper!

From there things got really silly! Kylie followed Adam's dad out into the kitchen. Things were quiet for a few minutes and then we heard Mickey laughing. As Kylie reappeared in the living room we saw why, who needs toys when you have an over sized envelope laying around? Kylie went from colonial (note her attractive purse ~ the center to a carousel from a slide projector) with a twist of the envelope.
Apparently entertaining everyone wore the kiddo out because as we watched the video (huge shout out to Uncle Adam for his continued hard work) of adoption day she crashed hard...
And speaking of crashing hard, I'm going to close my eyes for about 8 hours!

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Anonymous said...

Easter was a glorious day. How wonderful to have the family all together - including honorary grandparents Ann and Mickey.
Not sure how Mickey got Kylie to put that large envelope on her head but she was so proud of it. We all had a great laugh over it.
First she looked like a pirate (one eye would become covered with the flap of the envelop)..then she'd become a pilgrim or perhaps a Chinese princess with the envelop sideways! We all enjoyed playing with the toys that Easter Bunny left for Kylie and the Praise and Worship members! Thank you God for the wonderful family that you have hand picked for me.