Like peas in a pod...

Since last Thursday I've been following the website of a fellow AWAA family. They are in China right now, basically repeating our trip exactly 8 weeks later. That has caused me to take some time to go back and read my posts from our "trip of a lifetime" and watch as much footage as we have back from my brother-in-law on DVD. And reliving our trip has made me miss being in such a beautiful, fascinating, and even "unfamiliar" country. Despite some of our political differences with China, I will always hold it close to my heart. After all, it is the home of our beloved daughter!

Perhaps most of the reason that I miss China is because I miss the families that we came to love there. Some of us were first time parents, some already parents to 4, but we all were together in that beautiful moment in a small, hot room when we became parents to our Lianjiang girls. We had play dates and birthday parties together, ate meals together, shopped together, figured out the metro system together, hit the touristy spots (and some "not so touristy spots") together and asked one another for advice on everything from sleeping to introducing solids.

Ian and I are so lucky that in the next two months we may be able to see as many as 6 of our fellow Guangdong families ~ we pray that folks will be home on the weekends we are traveling to (or at least passing through) their area. One that we know for sure we will be seeing is Caroline's family. (They live less than two hours from my grandfather in Ohio) Caroline's mom and I have been sending emails back and forth the past week or so catching up more than just watching each other's websites.

Looks like our girls are up to some of the same behavior ~ like peas in a pod ~ despite the distance!

One funny thing is that they are opposites on what Caroline's mommy told me she likes to eat. Caroline loves applesauce and bananas (which Kylie finds yucky!) and Kylie can't get enough sweet potatoes or carrots (to which Caroline says NO!). Oh I can't wait until those two get to see one another again. And I hope that we get to see the other 5 families as well, we miss the bond with all of them so much. Not to say that we don't love it here in NC with our family and friends, but our time with the other families in China was so precious!

Now for just some photos of the past few days with brief commentary. (Otherwise I'll never get caught back up...)
Kylie and her partner in crime ~ Maya ~ raid the pantry in search of a good snack.

"Are you seeing that I can carry this ball while I walk?"

"Now you see Maya, you just push this button if you want to chew on one of these balls..."

Now that she's discovered Gerber puffs, she will drop toys (and pacifiers) like a bad habit to snack!

Tuesday was so warm that we decided to check out her new water table.

"Hey mommy, look how much I can splash!"
(In case you are wondering, a regular diaper holds an AMAZING amount of water...)

Tuesday night we went with our bible study group to Ryan's art show opening. Kylie wanted to wear her "most arty" dress for the occasion.


Allison said...

I SO miss the families that we traveled with as well! I know how you feel.
Where did you get Kylie's water table?? I love it! I've been looking for one everywhere and I can't find one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian and Kristi,
I'm still home on maternity leave and do not often have computer access so this is the first time I've viewed your blog. Kylie is just beautiful. We also miss the China families very much. It was such a fabulous experience. Maggie is doing great-such a blessing. If you are ever up our way, Dublin, Virginia, make sure you stop by for a visit. We will keep your family in our prayers.
Jennifer and Scott Shartzer