"Hi, my name is Kylie and I'm..."

..."a chap-o-holic." Seriously, we've decided it is time for intervention around our house! There is just a bit more lip balm carnage (and this doesn't include the tubes I've thrown away when she was digging in them with her fingers) than we think is healthy since the original "chap stick retirement home" back in February! Our girlie now gets balm applied to her lips by mommy or daddy and is no longer allowed to hold a tube on her own.

Luckily she does find other more creative things to do with her hands. Her latest passion is to grab the camera when I've carelessly left it within her reach zone. There was a long series of her aqua-doodle, the couch, and Elmo today. This was definitely the most artsy of the shots.

I'm thinking that it's time to invest in one of those kiddie indestructible digital cameras to make sure mine survives Kylie's toddler days!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on you LID! You guys got yours pretty fast!! Christy

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we have another Ansel Adams on our hands. Good job, Kylie, on your picture of Elmo. Definitely artistic! Grandma will help with your chapstick recovery. Will no longer carry one in my purse for your use.

Our Journey said...

Cracks me up about the chap-stick!! Let me know if you find a good/cheap camera -- we have the same problem you do & have been talking about getting one too!!

C.C. said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice photography kylie-bug. She is a recovering chapstick aholic.
Aunt Cici