An Unexpected Surprise

Don't you just love unexpected happy surprises? We got to see one of Kylie's "China sisters" today pretty much out of the blue. Turns out that Olivia and her family (parents Bob and Jenny and sisters Elle and Grace) had been visiting friends in the DC area this weekend for their God-daughter's first communion. They ~ much like us on many road trips ~ didn't leave Northern VA quite as early as they had intended and decided that the long road to Alabama was too much to finish last night. So they called around 5pm to see if we were free for an early lunch today if they stopped in our area overnight. Of course I was sure my calendar was free (Monday is usually just grocery shopping for Kylie and I) and Ian declared he could clear his plate from work to meet them for a few hours.

Olivia warmly greeted Kylie with, "Ni hao Ky-ee!" when we first saw them. Despite the fact that Kylie ran around our living room this morning yelling, "I goh see O-wi-wia!" she smiled at Olivia and then promptly ducked behind my legs. Before long though they acted as old friends, laying on the floor of Cracker Barrel checking out the little Weazel Balls "running" around in a cage. Kylie sat in between Olivia and Grace during the meal and had a grand time being pampered by an "older sister." We sat around the table for a really long time after we finished eating catching up on the past year (I've emailed Jenny several times and talked on the phone once, but we haven't seen them since last Mother's Day).

Eventually we headed outside to let the girls play on the rocking chairs while we grown ups continued talking ~ and of course take a few pictures of the girls together! (Note how both girls ~ a KU fan and a VT fan ~ avoided the Carolina chair...) It is amazing to me how God not only orchestrated the matching of our girls with our families, but also how He matched us with the families we traveled to China with! I do remember thinking before we left that we already had enough friends to keep up with. I figured that we'd enjoy the company of our travel companions and exchange Christmas cards each year. Little did I know that we'd feel so connected to each of the families we spent those two weeks with. These days we look for any reason to have a visit and have managed to see 6 of the 10 families already! Oh how I wish we all lived closer... Despite the distance that separates us, I feel so blessed to be able to call each of the women in our group friends!

Aren't they beautiful?
Grace, Olivia, Elle, & Kylie

All in all it was a very enjoyable three hours and saying good-bye was easier knowing that we'll see them in just over two months at our Guangdong girls reunion with our travel group (all 11 families) in July!


Cindy M said...

They're SOOOOO cute! Olivia looks as tall as Kylie! I cannot WAIT to see them all together!

We're looking forward to seeing Kristin, SuSu and family this weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a nice surprise to have Jenny, Bob and girls come through Charlotte. The girls are all so beautiful! Olivia looks nearly as tall as you, Kylie. Know you had fun "catching-up".

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! Of course I think Kylie is beautiful, I've said that a million times. Olivia is beautiful too! That makes me smile. I am glad you guys get to see each other!
Aunt Cici

Jeff and Valerie said...

What a great surprise! I wish we could see our "sisters" more often. The fact that the two avoided "the chair" is too funny. Lovely photos!