A Nestle Tollhouse afternoon

I'm not sure now if the "memories" are real or created in my mind, but if you were to ask me one of the best things about having a full time mom as a child, I'd tell you that I loved making cookies and eating them with my mom. With that thought in mind Kylie and I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies last night in order thank our next door neighbor for mowing our front yard for us ~ there are still some good neighbors left out there folks!

**Yes, I'll admit that we both had one cookie before it was baked, but that's all I've had of this batch**

Anyway, this afternoon Kylie spied the six cookies that I saved for our family and asked for one. I wanted to tell her that she needed to eat a kiwi or apple instead, but decided that a cookie for snack every now and then can't hurt and got her to agree to down a glass of milk along with it. She savored every last bite...

Besides, someone needed to eat a cookie to celebrate ~ we got word today that we have a LID (log in date) with the CCAA! Our "magic date" is April 24, a cool six days after our dossier left the United States ~ with Kylie's dossier it was 21 days! Baby #2, one day we'll sit on the doorstep and eat milk and cookies together ~ Kylie and I can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Congrats!
Did you save me a cookie?
Aunt Cici

Cindy M said...

April 24 is a special day around here, too. It's Mindy's birthday (now she's 15...WHAT???)...and the day I first became a mom.

It will be easy for me to remember your LID, eh? I can't believe it came so fast! Now if they would just start moving the rest of their paperwork that fast!!!


Anonymous said...

Homemade cookies and LID! WooHoo.
What can be much better than that. God is soooo good.

Jeff and Valerie said...

Congrats on your LID date!!!!