Chocolate fix

Kylie and I shared a quiet afternoon when I got home from preschool today. We played with toys, read books (at two different times for about 30 minutes straight each ~ what a change from this post shortly after we got home from China), and she helped me cook dinner. Oh yeah, and we shared a little mid-afternoon chocolate fix.
Every girl has gotta have one from time to time, right?

"Hmm, to eat the graham cracker, or just use it to reload..."

"Oh oh, gotta catch the drip! We can't waste a single drop of this nectar!"

"This is what I call Finger Lickin' Good!"

"If we don't tell Daddy can we have this snack again tomorrow? Please?"

And she still ate a good dinner of chicken, green beans, and of course ranch dip ~ which at one time she was eating with her toddler fork...


Anonymous said...

Yummm....Nutella! My delightful granddaughter surely has a discerning taste. How fast she has gone from crawling, to walking, to running, to climbing on the kitchen step-ladder. Seems like a "split" second! Can't wait to see what is next.

Anonymous said...

I've never tried that stuff...did you say chocolate???

Jeff and Valerie said...

Oh the joys of Nutella. I am totally craving it right now. I hardly doubt that the dh will run out and get if for me.

aunt traci said...

Yey for nutella!!!!