Books, books, books!

Kylie continues to be enthralled with the endless entertainment possibilities of her books. I've watched her bang them on the shelf, rake them out on the floor with a sweeping arm motion, try to pull them through the butterfly cutouts (wow, that one made her mad ~ it was hilarious!), carry them around, flip through them by herself, and now FINALLY let mommy put words to them as she turns the pages!

As a teacher I had all these blissful daydreams where Kylie and I would sit in her rocker for long periods of time while I read her story after story. Fast-forward to real life where at first I couldn't even get a book in my hand long enough to turn a page, let alone read to her...

But this week she has started to let me read her stories. Mind you it is only two or three at a time and she has to be in a certain mood to let me do it, but those moments of holding her in my lap and reading are golden!

And of course what everyone really wants, the pictures...

"Hey, look at these neat banging toys! Let me find my favorite..."
"Ahh, here it is. Mommy says the word Mother a lot when she looks at it."

"Do you want to hear the story too?"

One thing to note, Kylie LOVES "Are You My Mother?" She can stand in front of the bookshelf and every time it is the second or third book she reaches for and hands to me. I'm amazed that she can pick it out of all the others, and it doesn't seem to matter where it is on the shelf ~ I've moved it to different sides and levels yet she always seems to find it quickly!


Aunt Traci said...

Awe I love that book. She is so stinkin' cute!!! :)

Jodi & Dave said...

I found your blog through a friend and had to comment after reading about your journey and beautiful daughter. My husband and I had the same experience as you and feel blessed that we were guided down the same road...the road to China!

Best to you and your family! Keep up the good work!!! She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Books, books, books. Reminds me of you, Kristi, when you were her age. You just couldn't get enough.
Would want the same book read time and time again....until you could turn the pages and I could recite the words without even looking!