More watermelon, please

Shortly before bed last night Kylie was wanting something to eat. After the Nutella splurge yesterday afternoon, I decided that we'd at least go healthy this time, so some yummy watermelon it was. As you can see, Kylie was thrilled (watermelon is currently holding the record for the long-time favorite fruit).

"This is so good! I LOVE watermelon!"

"Oh darn, it is all gone. Whatever shall I do?"

She must have decided to just ask for it. And how could I refuse such a sweet request?

We are having so much fun witnessing Kylie's verbal language development. It seems that each day brings a new word that we'd never even heard her try to say. To say that we are happy is one of the biggest understatements of the year! Again and again I find myself humbled that God chose us to raise this little girl.

**And in case you are wondering, watermelon before bed didn't cause any sleep problems. In fact last night was night four in a row that she slept without waking up at all for 11 hours straight! (This is GREAT news considering that we had a few rough nights in a row last week) And this morning she simply started babbling in bed instead of crying when she awakened. Hmm, maybe a taste of something naturally sweet 1/2 hour before bed is just what the doctor ordered!


Jeff and Valerie said...

Super cute video! Eleven hours huh?!?!? We barely get 10 and after 8 hours she has decided that sleeping with us is more comfortable. She takes up a lot of room for being so little!

nai nai miller said...

Kylie is becoming so self-assured and confident in herself, and trusting of her environment. What a wonderful testament to the caring and nurturing Kristi and Ian have given her. And it is a joy to hear what she has to say, she seems to have so many ideas behind those bright eyes and quirky expressions.

Anonymous said...

The piggy tails are quite interesting - sticking straight up towards the sky! Must have been an active day. haha How adorable.
Perhaps I need watermelon before I go to bed to help with those restless nights.
It is fascinating to watch Kylie sign and now put words to those signs. That little mouth mades so many shapes.
I am getting a slight glimpse of God's ENORMOUS love as I see my capacity to love Kylie so much...being a grandmother is
amazing! After loving my two girls and my two "sons" so completely, I couldn't imagine having so much love left for this little "munchkin"! Obviously, God's love "through us" is endless!
Lao Lao

aunt traci said...

Wow she is quite the movie star!!! She follows ques and everything! And nice movie star hair-do by the way!!!