Kylie & Maya want the same toy...

So here's the series of pictures that made me pause in helping Kylie take off her socks...

"Whacha got there Maya? Is that your JIF container that Daddy gave you two weeks ago?"
"Mind if I take it? Thanks!"

"Maybe I can get some of this stuff Maya keeps trying to lick (or chew) out of here. By the way, I'm not going to look directly at her, but is the dog getting closer?"

"Oh dear! Close encounter ~ abort peanut butter retrieval mission!"

"I'm outta here!"
At least Kylie lets Maya get extremely close before she freaks out these days! She is getting really brave about taking away Maya's toys from her too. When Maya is chewing on a tennis ball, she will toddle (or crawl) over to Maya and pull the ball right out of her mouth. Then she holds it in her left hand and shakes it at Maya who misinterprets the shaking as a fake-out throw. Maya then gets really excited and licks Kylie but Kylie will now push Maya away instead of crying. So that's progress, right?

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Jeff and Valerie said...

Yup, progress. Malia went from pushing away to hugging away.