About these socks (A message from Kylie)

"Hey Mom you know I hate socks! I'm just going to pull them off."
"Hmm, this one is tighter than I thought. I'll have to give it a bit more of a tug."
"Oh well, forget this one! I'll just take the other one off ~ one bare foot is better than none!"
"What does a girl have to do to get cool feet around here? Mom, could you put down the silver box and give me a hand?"
I'll add here that Kylie is just like her mommy in thinking that bare feet are the best ~ she really is a southern girl! The first thing she does when she gets out of bed in the morning or when we come in the house is to pull off her socks! I can't wait to put sandals on her chubby little feet!

And just in case you are wondering, I did eventually help her get this pair off, but not until after the next series of pictures that will be in tomorrow's post ~ you'll see why I didn't put the camera down just yet...

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Jeff and Valerie said...

She is cute. Those toes are just far too interesting for socks.

So who is the soccer player?

I enjoy your blog. Check it everyday for updates.