A rainy doctor day

Yesterday was Kylie's first trip to the pediatrician. Ian and I were excited to meet her doctor because we had talked to him for over an hour exactly three months before as he reviewed Kylie's medical information with us over the phone. We were disappointed that our trip to China got slightly delayed, we left for Beijing on the 1st of February (wow, that means we arrived there a month ago today!) and he came home from his journey to pick up his son on the 2nd.

Let me just say that we will be sticking with Dr. D not just because he specializes in international adoptive medicine, but because we trust him and we liked him. I mean, at the end of our visit he asked if it would be okay if he prayed over Kylie! How often do you see that these days? A doctor who understands the power of the Divine Healer ~ AWESOME!!!

For a quick recap of the visit, Kylie's stats were 21.15 pounds (stripped down to a clean diaper) and 30 inches. She is at about 65% on weight and almost 90% on height on the American charts. Praise God that she is so healthy! He let us ask questions for about 30 minutes first. The main one I had answered was to not panic about her aversion to taking food that doesn't come out of a bottle. He even said that I could live on formula if I wanted to. So that worry has been relieved. She will come around eventually! The bad part of the visit was the blood draws for them to test for a myriad of things. I left the room but could hear her screaming out in the hall. After it was all said and done, we piled back into the car and headed to Zaxby's for a kickin' chicken sandwich. Apparently the appointment was enough excitement for Kylie for a bit, here she is on the 10 minute ride from the doctor to Zaxby's.

***Grandmas you will notice that Kylie's seat is turned around. We stopped by Erin & Jamie's the other night to see if she was fitting in the seat alright (Jamie is a certified in car seat safety) and he said that she was tall enough and close enough to one, so he turned it around for us. She doesn't seem to mind getting in the seat so much anymore.

Oh, and I had just told Dr. D that she doesn't put things in her mouth to check them out like most children do, she usually mashes her nose up to them. It has been nice not having to super worry about her putting non-food things into her mouth, but maybe the chicken at Zaxby's smelled good and she wanted in on the action, check out what she was putting in her mouth on the way home from lunch...

Yesterday was a rainy day here in the greater Charlotte area. That means that we had two children (one a 72 pound furry type) trapped in the house all day. Before long both were getting a bit squirrelly because we couldn't take our long afternoon walk. I was throwing Maya's tennis ball for her across the entrance foyer and before long Kylie decided that she wanted in on the action. She isn't ready for the major leagues just yet, but she was having fun throwing the ball for Maya. And we're noticing that Kylie just might be a leftie...

After a while we had another fun diversion. A package arrived from some of Ian's VT friends. Kylie enjoyed banging on the box for about 20 minutes before we ever even opened it. Inside were two sets of summer time pajamas ~ too cute! ~ a summer shorts outfit, and a the little Crocodile xylophone/piano you see below. She LOVES banging the keys! Thank you Brian, Kelly, Jacob and Luke!!!!
Kylie took a long (and late ~ from about 4:25 to 6:30) nap and during that time a dear friend brought us dinner. Thanks Teniah ~ and Anna, I promise we will set up a play date for you and Kylie soon ~ it was delicious! (Before long I'm going to have to start cooking again ~ which I love ~ but it is hard when you have a youngster that pretty much demands attention. We're working on her playing alone while I'm in the room...)

Then we headed to the North Lake Mall Starbucks to meet Aunt Traci and Uncle Adam because Ian needed to sign something for CCC. It was nice to get out of the house and visit with them for a bit. Kylie loves them both ~ especially when Uncle Adam is playing his guitar, she LOVES music ~ and had fun playing with them while we sipped our coffees.

Then we got home and got ready for bed. I think that pictures best sum up what was going on around here... (and I think you'll see why only three of the four family members are pictured)

"What a long day, I think I'll just chill out and watch the food network for a few minutes ~ wait, maybe some TLC."
"Hmm, I'm glad I have a choosy mom! This tastes great! What a relaxing way to end a long day!"

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LaoLao Shultz said...

A Yukky doctor visit (blood drawn, etc). How nice that you two could be her comforter when it was all over. How great to have a Christian doctor who even wants to pray over your child!! Praise God that she is so healthy! What a big day for her: getting turned around in her car seat; learning to chew on her "squeeky" shoe; becoming a musician; practice pitching with Maya; learning to use the tv remote - I believe we have a little genius on our hands! She's a doll. Looks like Daddy was worn out after a day of work, doctor's visit with Kylie and keeping the family happy while they are all getting "cabin fever".
I love you, LaoLao