Some more of Kylie's new friends

Wow, so I realized today that I've been pretty slack about keeping up with the new folks Kylie has met. Sometimes I actually remember to take pictures (but many times I haven't...)

Anyway, I have several from different days going all the way back to March 3rd!

First was Zachary. (I know, I know, it isn't a great picture, but it is the best one we managed to take ~ getting two one year olds to cooperate for photos isn't exactly easy...) Zachary turned one just 9 days before Kylie ~ on March 1st ~ and his party was on the 3rd. Sorta last minute we decided that Kylie was adjusting well enough to brave the party so we went. She did really well that day and turned on the charm for the folks from our Sunday School class that were at the party. Others that were there could hardly believe that she had been with us less than 4 weeks at the time. She and Zachary interacted well and I think they will have fun growing up at the church together!Later that day we had the chance for Kylie to meet her local cousins from my mom's side of the family. Again she turned on the charm and was a little sweetie despite the fact that she'd had a big day! I'm sure Chloe is glad that there's another girl in the Charlotte area family (they live about 5 miles from here) because her first cousins are both boys (baby Bryson and big cousin Kyler) and Chloe's mommy is having a baby boy in June! The photo fairies must have been smiling down upon us because we managed to get all four in one area long enough to snap this picture. And while you'd think Kylie would be drawn more to Chloe, it was cousin Kyler that stole her attention that night. Maybe because their names are similar, but maybe it was because despite being all pink and girlie that Kylie is a "tomboy" at heart ~ just like her mommy was! She REALLY wanted Kyler's Spiderman action figures!
Last week we had the chance to have a play date with my friend Amanda and her two girls. I worked with Amanda and her husband Joe on staff at CCC back in the summer of 1995 ~ the summer they met ~ and Ian and I were thrilled when they moved to our area a few years ago. Kylie loved having two older girls ~ Katherine is 5 and Susanah is 2 1/2 ~ to play with. Both girls kept getting out more and more toys to entertain Kylie. When Susanah was laying down to take her nap, Katherine wanted to see if Kylie would walk to her. I didn't think Kylie would do it (up until that point she would only walk to Ian or I) but as soon as I told Katherine that she wouldn't, you know that my munchkin did... Yep, of course she just toddled right over to Katherine.

And since then she will walk to any of our friends and family if they get down on her level and hold out their arms! I guess I just need to say that she won't eat baby food!

Despite the wonderful new friends Kylie has made, she still has one favorite friend. This is a person that she just can't get enough of and EVERY time she sees her she smiles ~ even during a full blown "cry fest." And she finds her frequently!
Hope this isn't an early warning sign for Narcissism...

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