Muddy footprints

So our first "child" is a Golden Retriever named Maya. She is such a love! Maya joined our family just before our dossier of paperwork was logged in with the Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs. We weren't looking for a dog, the opportunity just "fell into our lap," and when we met Maya, we knew that she was part of our family.

Maya was 5 months old when she came to live with us. She was so small back then! She was only about 25 pounds and at that time it didn't seem like such a bad idea for her to be an inside dog. But I should have paid attention to those feet...

We've been weighing things lately (I know that there is NO WAY we are going to stay under the 44 pounds of checked luggage per person in China ~ my stupid suitcase is 11 pounds empty!) and Ian decided to see where Maya is checking in. A mere 72 1/2 pounds! Goodness gracious, our baby has grown!
Now she is lovable and is always happy to drop whatever she is doing ~ or get up from any nap ~ to take a de-stress walk with us. Usually she is within arms reach of one of us in the house. But having such a large inside dog has it's share of disadvantages!

Take for instance what happens when you leave her outside for a while, after there has been lots of rain (see Digging to China). Then say that you don't notice how dirty her tennis ball is because she's dropped it in the mudhole and then brings it in the house. Someone is going to throw the ball and when it hits the wall, it leaves a mark (or if you don't pay attention and throw it again, numerous marks). Or better yet, she chases after the ball and uses the wall as a springboard to change direction and leaves muddy footprints on the wall (YES, it has really happened)!

So then you are left with REALLY dirty cream colored walls. And you have a new baby coming home in a few weeks (and nesting is kicking in, HARD). And you have already stopped working because you thought you were leaving today (and didn't feel like having to explain to your preschool parents why you aren't already in China). So you're at home trying not to go out in public and spend more money, but you can't bring yourself to put clothes into your own suitcase just yet ~ remember that Kylie's is already packed ~ so what do you do?

Well, you get a bucket, a microfiber cloth, and my new best friend and break out some elbow grease. After three Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and about 45 minutes, I had cleaned the kitchen, entrance foyer and dining room walls and baseboards. That means only the living room and stairwell to go, luckily the mud seems to disappear before she makes it upstairs...

The walls down here look so much better! But you can just about see a gleam in Maya's eye that says, "Don't worry Mom, soon there will be two of us to tag team you and keep the walls a mess!"
Looks like I'll be stocking up on Mr. Clean!

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