Kylie's suitcase is officially (OVER)packed!

Today came and went faster than I can believe! At the rate the hours are slipping by to the amount of preparation I'm getting done, I think we're gonna be sliding into a parking place at the airport next Thursday morning with the brakes squealing...

I mean, really, how many times can one pack, unpack, and repack a suitcase for a 10 month old baby? Well, for me it would be three times now, and by repacking I didn't necessarily use less space. I went from a small suitcase for Kylie (it is pretty much full and overflowing)... a much larger one that once I finally added the "pharmacy" we are taking for "just in case..." is crammed to the gills!

And I have yet to even lay out one item of clothing for myself... At least the "pharmacy" for Ian and I is laying on the guest bed!

Speaking of the pharmacy... I'm trying to decide what to do about the boxes that medicines come in. I was going to take everything out of the boxes and leave bottles sealed in the original packaging, but someone in our group told us that they are leaving the bottles in the original boxes. I'm thinking that is a waste of suitcase space ~ by the time I get rid of the boxes, I should be able to squeeze in one more adorable outfit for Kylie, right?

One quick funny before I sign off for the night! So Monday night Ian (unbeknownst to me) decided to test out our baby monitor to make sure the batteries work. I was in our closet hanging up my clean laundry and saw him walk back out of our bathroom and simply assumed he had forgotten something downstairs. So I finish hanging up the clothes and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth, not noticing that he has the a monitor receiver in there. As I thought he was downstairs, I nearly had heart failure when suddenly there is a LOUD male voice in the bathroom with me! (Traci, you will appreciate that I fell to my knees ~ I'm still wondering how I managed not to pee in my pants!) And then he comes back in ~ guess he heard my thud ~ and innocently says, "Did I startle you?" Aaargh!

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