Models of responsibility!

Or not...

So we are at 6 days and quickly counting. I do have Kylie's suitcase (over)packed, but still need to tend to our suitcases, figuring out carry-ons, leaving detailed instructions for the dog/house sitter, make photocopies of important documents necessary for the adoption, finish cleaning the house (see Muddy footprints), prepare some meals for the freezer for when we get home, write a few more thank you notes for some baby gifts, work on Kylie's 100 Good Wishes scrapbook, and find time to sleep!

So what are we doing tonight?

Heading to Winterplace for a last impulsive ski fling. Hey, its our LAST weekend in the states before we are parents! See ya slopeside! (And don't worry moms, we'll be careful!)

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