The countdown is on!

So today I spent most of the day packing Kylie's suitcase. I started with full intention of packing just about everything that was on the couch in photo from Wednesday's post (And the Packing Begins). Shortly after I tried ~ in vain ~ to get all of that into the bag, I realized that she will have time to wear her clothes here in NC too!

I ended up taking everything out and started over trying to make sure I had a balance of different weight clothes to accomodate the temperature shifts. I think what I have now is more reasonable... (but probably still much more than we need!)

I feel sorry for anyone trying to talk to me from now until after we get home. I can manage to talk on a topic that doesn't involve Kylie or our trip for about 3 minutes before something makes me think of my sweet baby and suddenly I'm gushing on about her again! Guess there is something to being able to hold up fingers to represent days until...

10 and counting (or as my darling sister and I used to say in our childhood anticipation of Christmas, "10 sleeps until...")

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