It's a Sunshine Day!

Wow, I just had to take a minute out of packing Kylie's suitcase to express how amazing it was to wake up today to the knowledge that FINALLY (over two years after the idea of Kylie entered our minds) we know when we are going to meet her!

She has gone from the general idea of adoption, to prayerfully choosing China, to a paperwork chase, to a long, quiet 15 month wait, to a photo that we've carried everywhere, to a reality that we will hold on Monday, February 5th for the first time!!!

God has held us in the palm of His hand during this roller coaster ride ~ I'm sure there are more sudden drops to come, but for today we are basking in the sunshine, both outside and in our hearts!

Back to the task at hand ~ how many outfits does a baby need for 12 days anyway???


Anonymous said...

You take as many as you want!!!! I sure did. Maggie ended up being too small for a lot of them so you might want to take a few things that you think are on the small side. For example, she could technically still wear 3-6 month size pants but her legs are too long and then she has on high waters. Heh.

J. Gladhill said...

Ian & Kristi,
We have no idea how to email you could you please let us know your email?? I don't know if you have ours or not, as we have sent it in previous Christmas cards...but we just have such a story to go over with you two. We have had our daughter from S.Korea for a couple months now. We had no idea you two were adopting as well. :) Please get in touch with us!! Love, Joanna & John Gladhill