Day 9 rapidly fades...

In the morning we will be saying, "8 days!" I sure wish I could say that I was really productive today, but in all reality, I wasn't so much...

Sure I did get a few things done including quilt wishes for Caroline and Marisa (someday I will figure out how to put links along the side of the blog ~ who are currently living in Lianjiang SWI with Kylie), fixing three meals for Ian and myself, and spending three hours at the Toyota dealer getting a new catalytic converter for the Highlander (thank goodness for warrenty ~ no cost except for the hours of my day).

We also had Bible Study tonight which is such a highlight of my week. Our group ranges from those still in college to several young married couples, but I love each of them dearly. They have been so supportive of our adoption process and are really excited to meet Kylie in a few weeks!

But the important task didn't get finished today... Kylie's suitcase didn't get any more attention since I put it in the guest room last night. I've emailed two new China mommys for some advice on the packing list. Newly armed with their answers, I feel ready to tackle that issue again in the morning!

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Kristin Wooten said...

Just wanted to say hi and congratulations. I found out about your blog on RQ's site and noticed that your daughter is from Lianjiang. We brought home our daughter from Lianjiang a year ago (Jan. 06). She has been a joy! If you have any questions, let me know. There's a link to email us on our daughter's website. Congratulations!