another cable car adventure ~ Baiyun Mountain

When we arrived in Guangzhou Friday afternoon, Lee asked us what we wanted to do on our touring days.  We'd never been asked that question, so we must have looked like deer in headlights as we tried to figure out how to answer.  Lee just smiled and said, "Well, you have been to my city six times now, I want you to see your favorite things."  With that line of thought we listed the things we've seen, told her the ones we'd like to revisit, and wondered what we hadn't yet done.

Baiyun Mountain was one she says many people enjoy and as it is right beside Yuntai Gardens (which we requested to revisit) we decided to see what it was all about.

We paid our $3 per person and took off on the cable cars to the top of the tallest point in Guangzhou.

The kids were pretty excited, but I do have to admit to being on edge most of the ride up.  It's about a 10 minute ride which makes for a crazy long cable.  All sorts of thoughts were running through my mind and the boys didn't help any with their line of questioning on what happens if the cable breaks, how does the spring that attaches our car to the cable really hold, wouldn't it be funny if it got stuck and we were on the cable for hours...

None too soon for me, we reached the top.

Note the little one is walking again.  He refused to walk on the sidewalk, but walking on the raised retaining wall was just fine...

In a plaza at the highest point there were lots of statues of Confucius.

Darcy acted as our tour guide as she has a cool app on Ian's old phone (now used by the big girls as cameras) that translates characters into English when you scan it.

Then we went over to admire the view of Guangzhou.

Can't you see the city behind us?

Maybe this view will be better?  The air here was thick...sad that even Guangzhou, where we've experienced blue skies on our previous now filled with smog.

It didn't stop us from admiring the trees and flowers close by though.

On other days it is probably somewhat serene up on the top of Baiyun, but yesterday there was some sort of student rally going on.  They gave recognition to a number of students, played tug of war, and played a random compilation of music, one of which I'm sure was Glory Hallelujah...another was a Russian marching song.

Each cable car could only hold eight people, so the closest we came to getting all six kids in one picture was at the art wall once we got off.

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