the botanical beauty of Yuntai garden

Following our cable car adventure, we walked the short distance from the exit of BaiYun over to YunTai Botanical Gardens.  This is a truly beautifully landscaped garden that we've enjoyed visiting on several trips.

Each time we've been here the theme has been different.  In 2007 on Kylie's trip it was decorated for Chinese New Year.  In 2011 when we were here for Daniel it was a big flower show.  This time there were numerous things representing all things Netherlands.

We walked slowly, enjoying all the beautiful flowers.  Our only goal was to make it to the zodiac animals statues at the top of the park.  Along the way we explored the greenhouse.  It was full of many lovely flowers and plants, the most exquisite being the orchids.

Naturally little one had worked his charm on Daddy to get a lift.

The rock garden brought smiles.

And we *may* have ignored the signs and allowed some climbing for a few minutes.

Of course that's not safe, so we carried on as interest for the rock garden waned quickly after the natives were told to stay on the path and not the rocks.

Our guide, Lee, is delightful.  She has a sweet personality and is a perfect fit for guiding adoptive families.

We did make her nervous though as we walked near the water.  As we assured her that all the kids were avid swimmers, she still voiced concern because she doesn't swim.

We're going to miss Lee and hope that our paths will cross again one day!

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