We. found. it!

Yesterday Yuexiu Park was on my list.  We went for the consulate appointment, spent some time at the pool, had lunch and then napped.  But the late afternoon was reserved for Yuexiu...specifically for finding the Five Rams statue.

I just love sign translations here!

Unfortunately the weather was a bit warmer than it has been most of the days since we've arrived in Guangzhou. Therefore attitudes began to tank quickly in the heat as they learned the first part of our trek would be uphill.  I *may* have come off a bit crazy when I looked the group in the eye and reminded them that they had enjoyed pool time, their choice of fast lunch options (savory filled buns from the bakery, instant noodles from 7-11 or McDonalds) and even had naps to rest their little bodies.  I offered even to buy them ice cream after we found the statue.

But we were going to find that statue this time.
I was determined.

I think they recognized "the look in my eye" because the complaining mostly stopped and up the hill we went.  Ian's arms were filled most of the walk with various kids and Nicholas bounced from carry to carry among his siblings.

We had thoroughly studied the map at the park entrance, and then carefully relied on the sign posts to help direct us at major forks in the path.

Persistence paid off this time.

We found it.

And the kids got their promised ice cream to celebrate.

The funny thing is that I'm not sure why finding the statue even meant that much to me.  I guess because we'd visited the park on two previous trips and heard about it but never actually located it. I *may* be slightly competitive...or obsessive...and it just got to the point that I had to find it.  Or because two of my dear friends, Cindy and Shannon, both found it before.  Maybe because itcommemorates the legend of how Guangzhou went from a place of famine to abundance following a visit from five immortals riding rams with bundles of rice in their mouths came down from the heavens.  At any rate, that item is checked off the list and we won't necessarily feel compelled to come to Guangzhou on a heritage trip in the future to find it...with six cities we'll have to visit the itinerary will be full enough!

We were getting ready to head back when I noticed what appeared to be a fortress wall through the trees.  I had heard that there was a long segment of the ancient city wall (marking the boundary of the kingdom of the Nanyue king...the guy buried in the tomb museum we had visited Monday) and so we went over to check it out.  Ian, Kylie, Caleb, Darcy, Daniel, Nicholas and I went to explore the 1000 foot long section of the wall that still remains while Mom, Grant and Natalie relaxed in the shade at the base of the wall.  Apparently Mom and Grant are somewhat of a novelty with their white hair because they had some folks stop to have their picture taken with them.

When we got back no one was particularly hungry, but it was dinner time.  After a quick pow-wow on quick options we settled on "our pizza place" and headed to Fadino's.

link to their Facebook page if you are headed to GZ soon.
even if you think you won't want western food, at some point you probably will
As we waited for our pizza to cook, the camera was taken over by one of the girls and a whole series of brotherly love was captured.

I have three boys.
I have three boys.
I have three boys.

Let the good times roll!


This pic has been added because one day Nicholas will need to know this about himself.  We have a little guy who has learned to work the system and because he is so tiny...barely 35 pounds...and has THE MOST amazing smile, most folks, his siblings included, don't hesitate to pick him up when he reaches his arms out.  But real life at home isn't going to be an endless supply of arms to carry him 24/7.  Yes, because of his heart I'll carry him up stairs or long inclines or even if he's been walking for a long time and has become winded.  But after sitting at dinner for over an hour and walking on relatively flat surfaces for a distance of about 500 yards?  

I title this one, "He's walking. I won." 
(too bad the scenes leading up to this moment weren't recorded...)


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Laurie said...

You have three ADORABLE boys! :) Glad you found what you were looking for- I totally understood the need, even though it would have been fine if you didn't find it- you just NEEDED to. :)