getting our game on for Halloween

The family that games together...

As Halloween approached this year, I kept trying to figure out a family theme.  And one night at dinner it just hit me...we could be a PacMan family.  Figuring the at least a few of the kids would shoot me down, I offered my suggestion.  Much to my surprise they agreed...even if they didn't know exactly what PacMan was.  And I figure we don't have many more miles on the "let's dress for Halloween as a family" bus.

So after many a search on Pinterest we settled on our plan and Ian got to work creating our costumes.

Starting with the Mr. and Ms. of course...

And then we had five little ghosts.  At first there were only going to be four as Ky was going to continue her tradition of creating a two person costume with Darby.  But then she didn't want to be left out of the family theme, so they were both ghosts.  Our next thought to keep the M7 as true to PacMan as possible was to make Daniel a walking cornucopia of fruit ~ cherries, strawberry, orange, apple, melon ~ but then he didn't want to be different.

So five ghosts it was.  Guess that works though, Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde from PacMan and then Sue from Ms. PacMan.

To help get us ready for the long walk ahead we had a quick game of PacMan tag.  I lost.
I'll blame it on the fact that there was no maze for the ghosts to follow and they forgot to leave me some power pellets.

Also for the record we (and by we I mean I) offered for Ian to make Henry a ghost costume as well.  But the force is strong in that one and he stayed true to his first thought for Halloween.

We walked through D & H's neighborhood for almost two hours, collecting mass amounts of candy.

And receiving many, many compliments on our costumes.  Mostly from the 30 and older crowd, but whatever.  Kids seemed to think that ghosts were cool even if they didn't know what they were from.

And then it was time for the infamous "candy sort and swap."  Those seven kids made out like bandits!  I think we'll still be noshing off their Halloween candy well into the summer.

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Wendy Samuels said...

It is so much fun to read your blog posts. You are a FUN family. Having grown up kids now, I can say that these memories will stick - at least in an overall life as a family kind of memory. Jia you.