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On the 26th of October we celebrated seven years of having Caleb in the family by going to a pumpkin farm.  Admission to the farm got each person one orange squash souvenir.  And while we didn't find time to carve said souvenirs until Friday the 30th...

It's been interesting over the years how each kid has pretty much learned to deal with the slime.

Where there once were disgusted faces and shrieks of horror there are now smiles and giggles.

Even this guy who used to nearly cry and then pass his pumpkin to his big sister for her to gut.

It's also one amazing time saver that now our biggest crowd can be trusted with a paring knife and the littler ones use the pumpkin carving tools.

That leaves Ian and I time to work on our own creations.

M7 pumpkin carving 2015 results...
PACMAN and ghosts, an owl, SWIM, a pokeball, R2D2, a fairy and VT.

Not bad for an evening's work.

pumpkins belonging to:
me, DQ, Ky, Caleb, D, Nat, & Ian

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