Happy 7th D-man!

Once upon a time I had this adorable toddler.

Then he had a few birthdays and turned into a pretty amazing SEVEN year old.

A rather amazing, rather energetic seven year old.

One who has learned that a little drama is necessary in order to keep up with his big sisters...

Seriously though, it seems like just yesterday that this guy was celebrating the day he turned three, which was his first birthday home with us.

But when I ask him if he's three, four or even five he just keeps flashing seven fingers at me.  I suppose that he does look older.  Thank goodness his eyes still disappear when his face breaks into a full grin!

Daniel, at seven you are totally into Pokemon.  You were just a little excited to receive your mega pack of new cards from us.

You also adore Chinese food.  Especially noodles.  And you get a bit glazy-eyed when you talk about "that sauce with the chicken" from Pei Wei.  (Honey seared chicken).  I think you also are a sucker for the free-style Coca-cola machine, but whatever.  You chose Pei Wei as your birthday dinner spot several weeks in advance and smiled as you slurped your noodles and enjoyed the rare treat of a soft drink with refills.

Another love of yours right now is baseball.  Actually any sport makes you happy, but you love...and I do mean play baseball in the front yard with your daddy.  I was so happy to find a set of bases for you to use at the Dollar Tree when I went to pick up wrapping paper.  Seriously, I think this $1 gift made you just as excited as your Pokemon cards.

And then there was your cake.  Buddy, it's a good thing you don't play cards for a living.

Because "You have a great poker face" is not something anyone will ever be able to say about you.

You asked for a Pokeball cake, so I did the best this "Pinterest-fail mom" could do.

And you loved it.

Thanks buddy.

D, You are a blast of energy in our family.  If you aren't snuggling or sleeping, you are in motion.  While you can pitch a fit with the best of 'em, you can also be one of the most loving kids I know.  And I love how you are in tune with your heavenly Father.  It's not uncommon to hear you comment how nice it was for God to paint us a beautiful sunset or give us nice flowers to smell.
I'm blessed to be on the receiving end of those million dollar smiles of yours and sometimes can't believe I get the honor of calling you my son.

I love you and I like you.



Laurie said...

Happy 7th to your sweetie! LOVED all the pictures- his expressions are priceless. And I had to smile, since around our house, Aaron is called A-man! :)

Saundra Shultz said...

You are such a big boy. Grandma loves your big smile and your great hugs. I would like to bottle-up a little of your energy for me! Love you. Grandma Shultz