the littles {a monumental day}

Today was a big day for the two littlest folks in our house.

He turned seven.

SEVEN!  Why oh why does that sound so much older than six?

And if that wasn't enough to nearly cause a break down...she waltzed out of the house for her first real day of kindergarten.

For the love!

More on both of their exciting days to come.  But before my head hits the pillow tonight I have to forever record one of the moments I'll treasure forever that these two shared this morning.

As we walked into the school building she asked him to show her where her room was.  Taking his role of big brother ever so seriously, he guided her to turn down the kindergarten hall.  Then he grabbed her hand, and said, "Don't worry Nata-wee, I'll show you where your classroom is.  Remember you are right beside me!"

And away they walked.

In a perfect world this would have been taken on my "big girl camera" from a stationary spot instead of on my phone while walking.  But I just couldn't miss the moment...

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Saundra Shultz said...

They are growing up so fast. Loved that Daniel is taking his job as "big" brother seriously. Exciting day for both...sorry it was a little bit of a "downer" for you, Mommy.