Natalie 2 years

September 2, 2013.

That Monday was a dream for me...nearly two years of anticipation culminating in finally meeting my youngest child. I had prayed for her, advocated to find her a family, realized that we were indeed that family and then paper chased like a crazy woman to get her home as quickly as possible. She was known to me.
Yet as wonderful a day it was for me, it was every bit a nightmare for her...the night before she left the orphanage ~ and therefore everything she'd known, everything familiar and comforting ~ and boarded a train to meet her family. They tried to explain to her, but what words can prepare a child for such a change?
She was terrified, angry and confused. Rightfully so. After trying everything she could to get away from me, she resigned herself to crazed, wild crying for nearly two hours. In the civil affairs office, in the van, in the elevator at the hotel and even more in our hotel room until she literally passed out in my arms.

We've come such a long way, this little sprite and I...

Once there was fear, frustration and anger.  Not just occasional, but most of the time.

Those emotions have mostly been replaced.  Now the 'normal Natalie' is joyful, bubbly and mischievous.

And loving.
I can't leave out how she loves.

Tonight as Ian and I watched her dance around with her siblings on the amphitheatre stage behind our favorite Tex-Mex spot, he looked at me and said, "Two years.  Only?  Without you giving that reminder I'd have said she's been here since birth."

she may be from asia, but the girl loves her tacos
dinner was her choice...tex mex it was
 Me too.  Cause that's what this little one does...just grabs your heart and squeezes it real tight.
our cameraman didn't get the full shot, but this is Nat in her favorite spot, the Natalie sandwich

Happy Two Years of being part of the M family little one.  You are the firecracker we didn't know we needed.  Yet the more we get to know you, the more we realize that we most certainly did.  You add the pizazz to our family and we are ever so grateful that God led us to you!

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