Wordless Wednesday {second & third grade: Day 1}



dhm78 said...

Aww.. Kristi, your children are so precious! I hope they have a wonderful school year and that you and Natalie have a special time together! I find myself wishing that we lived close so that our Anna girl would be able to play with your beautiful family. I think that I've told you that our son and daughter-in- love live in Charlotte, NC.
Have a super holiday weekend with your babies! :)

God Bless you all,
holly Mathewson :)

dhm78 said...

Are two of your children in 2nd grade? Are they in the same class?
Thanks, hollym.

Kristi said...

Hey Holly,

Yes, Caleb and Darcy are in the same grade. 5 months apart, and joined at the heart, we call them 'the twins' all the time. It is a policy in our county to not put siblings in the same class and we decided it best for both of them to go with the flow and not fight to try to override that. They have thrived making their own friends and yet pairing back up at home. :)

Kristi said...

Oh...and the extra girl in a few of the pictures is one of Kylie's "China sisters." We're blessed to live in the same neighborhood with one of the girls adopted on her trip.