And he's off...

This year marks the beginning of a new era for my peanut.

His school career officially began Wednesday with his staggered entry kindergarten day.  He couldn't have been more ready or more excited.

That made one of us...

As the start of school began to loom ever closer, I found myself in utter disbelief.  How in the world could my snugglebug ~ the child who frequently stops mid play to make eye contact and tell me he loves me or to wrap his entire body around me in a huge hug ~ already be so old?

Never mind that he turns 6 on Sunday.

Wasn't this just yesterday?  When he was still 2?

June 23rd 2011.
The first day I held this piece of my heart in my arms...
And yet here I was.  Following my not so little guy into the school building.

The place he and I have called "the big kids's school" for so long.

And now here he was cheerfully waving goodbye from inside his classroom for the day.  One of "the big kids."


Because of his excitement and happiness, I managed to hold it together.  It was actually difficult not to be caught up in his enthusiasm.

Natalie wasn't caught up in that joy though.  She broke down and howled when we started to walk away from his class for the day.  The reminder that she'd be "a big kid" next year wasn't the comfort we thought it would be.  She wanted him, her playmate.  Thankfully the realization that she'd have me all to herself during the days brought a smile to her face.  That and the reminder that she'd have all her siblings home in a few more hours...

While I missed the little guy, I knew he was so ready...both intellectually and emotionally.  And I just couldn't wait for his report at the end of the day.

My heart did flip flops as I saw him walk down the hill from the school with his big sisters.  Again I found myself asking how in the world he could be such a big boy already.

As soon as he saw me, a huge grin appeared upon his face, he broke into a run toward me, and he happily announced, "Mommy, it was AWESOME!  And I didn't even have to go to the principal's office!"

(a bit of additional information here ~ his siblings have been coaching him on acceptable school behavior lately.  When he would walk by, bop one of them on the head and say, "Wa-bang!" they would gently inform him that if he did that in school he'd have to go see the principal.  So a trip to the office was on his mind.  Still though, it's a good goal, right?)

The rest of the walk home included a run-down of the day.  Highlights included the principal coming to read a book to the class, knowing all his shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and making new friends.  We also had to recalculate the "number of sleeps countdown" until Tuesday, the first day all kindergarten converges upon the school.

And last night we went to find out who his teacher would be.  Sweet blessing that it was the one he said he hoped it would be, and the assistant was the assistant in Caleb's kindergarten class (his teacher retired).  We love Ms. C and were greeted with hugs when we walked in.  He officially CAN'T wait until Tuesday.  And while I can, I feel blessed that he is in good hands.

And besides, seeing him start running to give me my afternoon hug?  That's gonna be a balm to my soul after missing him each day.

So I guess it's official...I've got four grade schoolers...all with awesome teachers...all off to an amazing start!

Ky ~ 8 years, 3rd grade
Daniel ~ ALMOST 6, kindergarten
DQ ~ 7 years, 2nd grade
Caleb ~ 7 1/2, 2nd grade


Laurie said...

I love how you tell stories.... I felt like I was there, watching it all. SO excited for Daniel- and so happy that he had a great 1st day experience. :)

Traci said...

Yea for Daniel!!!! How exciting! Enjoy every minute of Kindergarten! :) (ps Pierson say's "Awe how cute Daniel is in big boy school."

Anonymous said...

He is totally precious.....enjoy this time....I can't really even make you understand how fast it all goes....

Beth :)

Anonymous said...

Stopped by for another peek at those sweet faces! Now I see their ages and grades!
They just shine!

Blessings, hollym. :)

Anonymous said...
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