Sunset Beach 2014 {getting our crab on}

trying desperately to catch back up on the backlog...months of stories are still waiting to be told!

I don't remember how many years its been now that we've been eating at Joe's during our week at the beach.  

But it's been a few.

Enough that it's become tradition, something eagerly anticipated from year to year.

Even if there's one that doesn't actually like crab.

seriously, two years in a row we remembered that one of our kids didn't actually eat that $10 kids meal.
and two years in a row we couldn't remember which one.
for the record, it's the one that gets the most excited about the crab pounding tools.
next year he gets shrimp...
Natalie didn't know what the hype was all about, but she got caught up in the excitement of the others.

Grab your crab cracker,

bib up,

lick your lips,

grab a leg,

and dig in!

Table of crab legs for 13?  Yeah, that's what we're all talkin' about!

See ya next August Joe's!

my sister and her crew
if we're the M7, they are the C4


Laurie said...

Glad you're taking the time to remember the details... even if they are coming a little late- I love reading about your trips... and poor Daniel- too bad he didn't get a personality! HA!!!!!

Saundra Shultz said...

Aw, you got me thinking of crab legs! Will be a long wait for Joe's in August.