(sorta) Wordless Wednesday {happy 40th!}

So this guy I like is celebrating a milestone birthday today...
To celebrate Ian's 40th, I wish all the friends throughout his lifetime could come meet us at Chuy's tonight surprise him. And then practicality of a Wednesday night party for an introvert sets in. 
But I think even more honoring for his big day would be for folks to consider donating to one of the two charities that are nearest and dearest to his heart.  Carolina Cross Connection is the mission project where he first encountered and fell in love with Jesus Christ, and New Day Foster Home gives hope to orphaned children in China...specifically they saved our youngest son's life by providing open heart surgery long before we knew he existed.
If Ian has brought a smile or two to your face and you'd like to wish him well on this big day, you could chose which charity resonates with you and donate some amount (it doesn't have to be much, even $5 makes a difference to these two amazing organizations.  Or you can be creative, $1 for each year of his life so far, $5 for each year you've known him, $10 for each year you were in bible study with him...) to one of them. I can't think of a better way to honor his heart!

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