New Year's Greetings (scarf dance)

(just found these pictures again...only 3 1/2 months late...  CNY performance was February 1).

So one thing we didn't really take into consideration when we decided to have five kids (with no grandparents in the area to help run shuttle buses) was extra curricular activities.  Thankfully we haven't had any crazy scheduling issues just yet, but we see our day coming...

The girls have been rather relaxed, content to have ample time playing at home, but we did find an activity for them in between the boys' fall and spring soccer seasons.  This year we finally managed to talk Ky and DQ past their stage fright to be involved in a dance class to learn some short traditional Chinese dance routines.

And since big sisters were doing it...why not include the little one too?

Darcy and Natalie participated in the New Year's Greetings Dance.

Despite her initial disappointment of being placed with the "little girls," (instead of her big sister and a few of her friends) Darcy stepped up to the plate and memorized her scarf dance routine perfectly.  She was so poised and graceful...I look forward to seeing her in future dance performances!

Natalie on the other hand may have been a step or two off, but she sure had fun!

Well...until about halfway through the song when she decided she was done.  And promptly went to have a seat on the edge of the stage.  And play with her scarf.

Luckily I had a lollipop in my pocket and was able to catch her attention from the front row where I was sitting to try to take pictures.  It didn't take her long to figure out that I was offering it in exchange for her completing the dance.  She was thrilled at the applause she received for returning to the performance.

Looking forward to seeing these two participate in the fan dance next year!


Laurie said...

Beautiful pictures!! I had to laugh because every week it seems, I look at Scott and say, "How do people with more than 2 kids do this?" as we tag team to get them to fun activities. :) Good luck with that! :)

Grandma Shultz said...

DQm you look lovely. I say you practice several times and could see how each time you enjoyed it more. Would love to have seen the live performance.
Natalie, Grandma is proud that you went back and finished the dance with the others. I really like your pretty green outfit.

Kathy said...

You girls are so beautiful in your silks and scarfs. I love to see how you dance. You just light up the room.
Love, Grandma Miller