Overheard...{hole in my head}

too captivated by the Olympics to pay me any attention
"Uh.  Mommy.  I have a hole in my head!"

This somewhat matter of fact statement (with a few tears once the blood really started flowing) led to over 2 hours in the ER last Friday night.  Seriously, who knew a lighthearted pillow fight among siblings could go so far south?

On the bright side, we were taken to a "bay" rather quickly and once in control of the remote, he quickly found alpine skiing and speed skating on the Olympics.  It had him so distracted that he didn't even flinch from the pressure (the numbing cream really works) as the doctor stapled the back of his head.

The boy has been home 2 1/2 years and this is his second visit to have a head wound closed.  With his desire to participate in daredevil sports like halfpipe and skeleton, I suspect it won't be our last...

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Grandma Shultz said...

Happy that your head got all fixed. Sounds like you were a very brave boy. Glad that the Olympics was on TV to distract you (and Mommy and Daddy). Love you.