officially 5 1/2

Our peanut is 5 1/2 now.

Just in case you are wondering how he knows for sure...

...we went for donuts.  And in our family, well, that makes it official.

**I must add that there were two grandparent aged couples sitting beside us and I watched the two women watching us and smiling as we sang a rousing version of Happy Half-Birthday to You.  As we finished singing I made eye contact with one of them, shrugged my shoulders and said, "This whole half birthday celebration seemed like a much better idea when we only had two kids."
She smiled and replied, "It's a wonderful idea, a family tradition that they'll always remember.  And you know, we've been here with you on a half birthday before.  It's been a few years and your kids have grown, both in size and number.  But we left that night talking about how happy of a family you seemed to be and we are happy to be here tonight to see you again."**


Laurie said...

He's cute. That's all! I mean, REALLY cute! :)

Anonymous said...

(I know you don't care but I can't keep it in I want to scream! EEEEEEKKK! IM GONNA BE A SISTER!EEK!

Grandma Shultz said...

Yummy, Daniel. That Boston cream doughnut is Grandma's favorite. Know that you all enjoyed your 1/2 birthday.