first time fairgoer

Tradition [1. a. an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action or behavior] ~ Merriam Webster online

Our year is full of traditions like Friday night family movie nights, half birthday donuts, and going to Grandma's for the big three; Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

There's another tradition that we've got going on in our family...doing the state fair each year...and doing it big!  State fair also includes cousin Jordan because three years ago his fall visit with our family coincided with the fair, and now he's roped in. That's just how we roll around here.

I will state that as fair week approached, Ian and I questioned if going was a wise choice.  To say that the fair is over-stimulating may be an understatement.  Could Natalie handle it?

But the week of Caleb's birthday the kids started asking when cousin Jordan was coming and how soon was the fair.  Tradition...amazing how kids pick up on those things...

So we decided that while we may pay for it for a day or so afterward with Natalie, we had four other kids to consider.  Breaking tradition could cause resentment toward the one responsible for not going, so we ordered and applied our Safetytats (temporary tattoos you order with your phone number just in case you get separated in a crowd) and off we went. 

As it turned out our worries were in vain.

She loved it.

From the very first ride to the last, she proved to be as much of an adrenaline junkie as the rest.

very first carnival ride
We almost didn't buy her the unlimited ride bracelet.

We were afraid that she wouldn't like the rides.

That was silly.  The only thing she rode that she wasn't crazy about was this train.  I think it moved at a terrifyingly slow 2 miles per hour.  At one point she stood up and tried to take of the safety chain...while the ride was in full motion.  Thankfully her big brother stopped her!

Of course the big kids took in plenty of rides too.

The crowds were so light that evening that the lines were non-existant.

Fun rides were ridden twice and the favorites got four or more hits.

And because Natalie was in the 'must ride with adult' height zone for some, Ian and I got to ride our fair share too.

At one point when the big kids were riding something with a 48 inch height requirement (yikes ~ I have three kids 4 foot or taller!) Natalie pointed to the balloon ride.

Let me tell you how it made my night when Daniel grabbed her hand and told Ian and I that he'd go ride it with her.

My hope for a great relationship between these two grows each and every day.

The best ~ or perhaps the most ridiculous part, depending on how you view it ~ is that we ended the night according to our tradition.  We rode the Ferris Wheel to get a view of all the lights...

...and we stopped at the same stand we've stopped at every year for our last sweet taste of the night.

State Fair 2013, we had a blast!  Hope you're ready for us in 2014!


Laurie said...

WHAT A BLAST!! :) So many cute pics... LOVE me some good traditions! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!

Heather said...

What a fun day! The Monster Truck picture was the best!! :)