Sunday Snapshot {Family movie night}

We have a little "thing" we do around here on Friday nights.

It starts with a simple dinner ~ usually frozen pizza and salad or chicken fried rice served with "clean out the produce drawer stir fry."  Then it's a scramble for a "super fast bath" and pajamas for everyone.  While bath time is happening, I get our snack ready.

Yes, it totally matters what type of popcorn.  To us anyway.  We've tried other kinds of kernels, (we only use microwave corn in a pinch around here, guess you can say we are "popcorn snobs") but our tried and true favorite is Baker's Country Time (white, NOT yellow) Popcorn, grown in Darke County, Ohio.  My wonderful aunt was kind enough to supply us with a five pound bag during our last visit in May.
As I pour the corn into the pan, the sound takes me back to listening to my grandmother pop popcorn when I was a kid.  My cousin Rusty even taught me to sniff and then say, "Grandma, do I smell popcorn?" in the evenings during our visit.  It worked every time.  Course mine doesn't taste quite as good as hers.  What I wouldn't give for that big, old, white enamel coated pot she popped hers in...
Popcorn in our house isn't a totally healthy snack.  That silver bowl is about to experience the Friday night trifecta...
Take warm popcorn, drizzle on the butter and then sprinkle on the salt.  I almost get transported back to grandma's kitchen.

But then there are popcorn boxes to fill and thermoses and cups to top off with ice water.
For nostalgia purposes I'm in search of brightly colored aluminum bowls just like Grandma's to hold our popcorn.  Until I luck out and find some at a reasonable price, our dollar spot popcorn boxes will do.
**If you know where I can get a large bowl and at least five little ones for less than $40, please let me know!**

The kids dash by the counter for "pick up" with wet hair and go to claim their seats on the couch.
Careful thought is given to their seating arrangements ~ this week they saved spaces for Mommy and Daddy to sit between them ~ while Daddy gets the movie qued up.
And then the excitement begins.
Some weeks we have made great choices.  Those have included Cars, Finding Nemo, Happy Feet, and Madagascar.
Other weeks we struck out.  Those include Care Bears the Movie ( it did entertain the kids...), Shrek II (the initial scene with Puss in Boots really frightened them all) and the Princess and the Frog (the shadows absolutely freaked them out).

For our kids, movie night has become the way to mark the start of the weekend.  They know that "Daddy day" and then "God's day" will follow.  For Ian and me it's a way to unwind after a long week ~ and the prequel to our double feature movie night.  We stay up for a date night and snuggle while watching a second movie after the kiddos are in bed if we can keep our eyes open long enough

Movies can get as high as a ten hands rating.  But it's not the movie, or even the salty, buttery, deliciousness that is in our popcorn box that makes the night.

What makes the night is that it is something we anticipate all week.  As a family.


Ni Hao Y'all

If you blog and you haven't joined in on Sunday Snapshots just yet, you should.  After highlighting each kid, it becomes fun to focus on things that make your family special, or things that make you smile, or just things you don't want to slip in the "lost memory abyss..."


The Ferrill's said...

Love that movie night!
And I love that your big ol' dog gets involved too! ;)
I can just imagine you and Ian watching Care Bears.....giggles!
Happy Sunday!

Laurie said...

LOVE traditions- they are the BEST! I can see you guys doing this for years to come!

Ann Marie said...

We do this too, only we turn off the lights so it is like a movie theater...or so the kids say!

Heather said...

My mouth was watering! :) Love family traditions. I will keep my eyes out for those bowls - my grandma had the matching classes - oh how that brought back memories. :) Have a great week!

Terri said...

Now that sounds yummy! Fun too!

I found some really neat glass popcorn bowls at an estate sale not to long ago. Maybe you can luck out and find some fun ones on e-bay or something like that?

Have a great Sunday and your family is too cute!

a Tonggu Momma said...

LOVE Family movie nights! What types of movies do y'all watch? Any suggestions?

Andrea said...

LeighAnna is going to beg me for this now considering her great love for popcorn. You need to put Yellowstone Cubs on your movie list. It'll be nostalgic for you and entertaining for the kids.

Traci said...

Oh those popcorn bowls. I can hear the corn a poppin now!

Nancy said...

What a great idea! I may steal that idea when we expand our family! Does Maya like popcorn as much our Sadie does? Dave is a popcorn nut. He does kernels in a brown lunch bag in the microwave. I like mine with cinnamon sugar on it or if I'm in the mood, Maryland Style with Old Bay! YUM! I think I need to go make some now...

Annie said...

Oh Kristi! I love it. What wonderful family time and what a great tradition you are creating for your kids:)

C.C. said...

What great memories being made! And I love the double feature date night....don't know how you all can stay awake though;-)

zentmrs said...

That's a great traditions - I know your kids are going to treasure these memories. Thanks for sharing!

Daisy Dreams said...

Fun, fun, fun!! We've been talking about starting a Friday night tradition of board games. And I know exactly what kind of bowls you are referring to...I'll have to keep my eyes open!

Dardi said...

I am all about "real" popcorn & family movie nights! Add in squeaky, clean kiddos in their jammies...what a combo!

Ellie said...

What a fun tradition! I'm sure the kids will always treasure these memories!

I'm a bit of a popcorn snob too - yucko to microwave :(

Stefanie said...

We LOVE family fun night at our house, too! We've added s'mores to our snacking list this summer, with a small fire in our grill on the back porch. It's been a HUGE hit!
LOVE the rundown.... your kiddos smiles tell the whole story... your family ROCKS :)

Chris said...

We have just started doing Family Night at our house!

It is so much fun!!!

And yes....we do the trifecta-popcorn thing as well!!!!
Gotta have the real deal!! Right?

I love how you have a picture of your dog...probably trying to get some of that yummy popcorn!

Sharon said...

Stove popped popcorn was my mom. At her funeral Jordan read a letter written by his cousin Abby and it talked about how much the annual Sunday night popcorn would be missed, served in her huge silver bowl (with popcorn boxes for indiv). When I visit and all the cousins are there they have asked me to make it....just isn't the same without sweet mom around to drizzle the butter on it but WAY better than microwave popcorn. Your kids may be a bit too young but maybe not...have you ever watched Andre? It is THE sweetest movie about a seal, based on a true story.

Tina Michelle said...

wow, awesome post. Great idea and great pics!

Cindy M said...

If you ever want your eyes to roll completely back into your head, rent "The Barney Movie". I paid full (matinee) price for that movie. And tried to remain conscious for that very reason. I was even a Barney fan before that movie. Even now, I could choke him in his sleep.

I do, however, vote for the above suggestion, Andre! AWESOME movie! We have it on VHS and DVD. There are a couple of dramatic parts that Caroline didn't love, but it's a fantastic movie!!

Now, excuse me, but I have to go pop some popcorn. :-)

Grandma Shultz said...

Movie night sounds so special. I remember Mother Shultz preparing popcorn in her big white dishpan.
Makes me hungry. If I ever see those metal, colored bowls; I'll surely buy some for you and your family.

Hope the movie was good!

Melissa said...

OK, we want a movie night with you all some time soon! We will sit on the floor, and even wear PJ's!!!! Mmmmm, that popcorn sounds heavenly!!!!