just fun

Holidays in our family usually are a little chaotic and a LOT of fun.  That's because we spend major holidays at Mama's house and my precious nephew and niece get thrown into the mix of kids.  And what do you get when you have six children ranging from 4 to 8?

Well...chaos...and fun.

Now there were serious aspects to our celebration of Easter.  Even my littlest is getting the point of Easter these days.

But some parts of our time together as family are just plain fun.  For instance, dying Easter eggs...wearing bunny our pajamas.

There were Easter baskets to examine.  Interestingly enough, this year there was not a single piece of candy in a basket.  No Starbursts, jelly beans, or even a Reese peanut butter cup egg.  (Our Easter bunny should be fired).  But with an assortment of Hot Wheels, art supplies, silly putty, & Hello Kitty stuff, not one kid seemed to mind.

There may have also been a photo shoot or two.  It *may* occasionally be as fun as pulling teeth to get all six of these kids looking and somewhat smiling at one time.  So that part may not be so fun.

But we did let the boys act a little silly with Easter basket treasures to help make up for it.

Then came the egg hunt.  Or at least getting ready for the egg hunt.  Easter morning in central NC was WET, so the EB left all his eggs on the screened porch with a note explaining that it had been too wet for him to hide the eggs and asked if we parents could do it either outside if it dried up enough or inside if it didn't.

Thankfully after lunch the sun came out and the hunt was on!

Competition seemed to be focused among the girls this year.

Daniel was thrilled to find a cross shaped "egg".

The loot.

And then, of course sorting the loot.

With a house full of kids, Easter brings many fun traditions to look forward to from year to year.  And let me tell you what sweetness it was to my ears to hear the girls talking about how fun it will be to show Natalie how to hunt for eggs next year.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So so sweet! Looks like everyone was happy!

Grandma Shultz said...

Love those 5 adorable bunnies! What a delightful weekend. He has risen!