there's still time...

(Ian here)

A couple weeks ago I snuck in here to let you all know about a chance to join in on a birthday surprise for Kristi.  The time is coming close for me to put all those photos together, but if you still want to join in there is time.  If you can get me a photo and/or a "Happy 40th" birthday wish for Kristi by Thursday evening I'll be sure to get it in.  Thanks!!!

Here's what I put in that post about the birthday surprise:
"To celebrate Kristi on her birthday, I’m asking for your help.  Whether you have known Kristi for just a short while, or since she was a child, would you send me a photo of you/your family wishing her a happy birthday and a short birthday wish?  The photo can be as simple, creative, artistic, funny, or serious as you would like -- no matter how you choose to say “Happy 40th!” I know she’ll love it.   Please send me your photos/wishes by April 10th so that I will have time to pull them together.  You can email them to me at"

Also, if you've been following her blog for any time you know that both New Day and An Orphans Wish are literally saving children's lives and are very close to Kristi's heart. If you would like to contribute to what they are doing it would mean the world to her. You can find New Day here and you'll find An Orphans Wish here.

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