grandma's legacy

The day before Easter three of my cousins, my sister and I were standing near the lake watching our kids hunt along the edge for tadpoles.

One of my cousins laughed and said, "When we were kids playing together at Grandma's house, did you ever think that in thirty some years we'd be gathering together with our ten kids between us so they could play together?"

**Of course then we had to stop ourselves and remember that there are eleven kids.  It's just that Vincent isn't quite old enough to join in the search for tadpoles yet.**

I know that when we were kids I certainly didn't see myself with four ~ almost five ~ kids, so I guess she's right.

Our party when we get together with my mom's sister's kids and families has gotten so big that we don't fit in one house around a table ~ or even two or three ~ anymore, so the day before Easter when we gather for a cook-out, we rent a shelter at a park in the area and play all day.

queens of the swings

rulers of the sandlot

And then, just because it is fun, we have an Easter egg hunt.

my sweet niece trying to figure out how that egg is levitating...and how to get it down

you'd be amazed how long i sat with this egg on my head before one of the kids noticed it
oh to have the sound that went with this scuffle between ky and her cousin

yeah, i'm on top of things.  i knew there would be an egg hunt and forgot the baskets.  thank goodness for grocery bags in the car!

don't distract me, can't you see i'm busy here?

grocery bag or not, he still cleaned up!
There were bubbles...

lakeside moments...

my youngest and my oldest, truly best buds
...and lots of chatting and catching up among the grown-ups.

The best thing is that I can pretty much see my Grandma smiling down on us as we gather from heaven.  She was never as happy as when her children and grandchildren were all together, smooshed around the table in her home.   (We missed my uncle and his family at Easter, but are looking forward to August when we'll all be together).  

The most precious thing about my grandma though was that her greatest desire was for all of her children and grandchildren know and love Christ.  Her legacy continues even in the great-grandchildren...all born well after she went to live eternally with Him.  

Looking forward to this group of eleven being an even dozen next year!
She and grandpa may not have left a large monetary inheritance, but the eternal one she desired for all of us is so much greater!  

[I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.]
3 John 1:4 (NIV)


Tina Michelle said...

So sweet! I love that everyone gets together still. My family no longer gathers like my grandma loved. :(

Traci said...

so so fun! IT was a great afternoon!

Grandma Shultz said...

Mother would have been so happy to have been there when we were all together. Miss that sweet lady so much. What a Christian example she was to all she met.

Our Easter tradition of getting together Saturday at the park is wonderful. Nice relaxing afternoon full of talk, laughter, play, sharing love.