there's a new snaggletooth in town

He went and did it today.

One more milestone checked off toward "growing up."

My boy came home from school with a snaggletooth grin ~ didn't even have the courtesy to loose it at home so I could be there.

his solution to me getting frustrated about the glare on his glasses
Apparently his "best friend who is a girl but is not my girlfriend" (as he calls her) saw him wiggling it during circle time today and whispered to him to just pull it out.

So he did.

Thankfully I asked him if he interrupted Mrs. J to tell her about his tooth and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No Mommy, it is rude to interrupt the teacher.  I waited until circle time was over and then raised my hand and waited until she called on me to tell her."

At least we're getting across somewhere.

And the day that the tooth came out?

None other than his 6 and a half birthday.

I mean, really...does it get any better as a six year old boy?  Anticipation of your first tooth fairy visit AND a donut?

relishing having siblings sing "happy half birthday" to him
Only when it is a hot donut.

Caleb, this year I've watched you figure out the mystery of reading, develop a totally wickedly funny sense of humor, further hone your heart of gold, and continue to grow in your faith in Jesus.  Tonight I wish you sugar coated dreams of the tooth fairy visit.  She'll need stealth and speed to get away with her late night exchange of treasure for a tooth without getting caught.

Happy first tooth and 6 1/2 birthday!


Traci said...

Happy half birthday Caleb! Aunt CiCi loves you!!! PS I like your snaggle tooth!

Laurie said...

Big day INDEED!! :) Love it that he patiently waited to tell the teacher. So nice!