for hope and healing {the walk}

Yesterday afternoon our family gathered with about 150 other people to walk and raise money for Chinese orphans.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for the Hope and Healing 5K benefitting the Love Without Boundaries Healing Homes.

three families from our adoption fellowship small group
After a surprise "Marchuary" and then a unseasonably cold spring break, we were all happy to be outside enjoying the warmth and beauty of a NC spring day.

ky enjoyed walking with our little twin friends
We enjoyed glimpses of nature

and conversation with some of our "Sunday night family" as we walked.

Natalie may not have been home yet, but we did have a ladybug sighting...signs of a speedy process to come?

Our team made it the entire way...well, 5/6 of us did.  One part of team Fireworks and Fireflies left it all on the trail.
I actually started carrying him piggyback shortly after we began our last lap and before long noticed that he was "sagging"  Ian scooped him off my back for fear that he'd fall over backwards without holding on.
The sweetest thing was that last night I heard all four kids giving thanks in their evening prayers that we were able to walk in the 5K to help kids in China that needed surgery and didn't have a family yet.  We pray that all the money raised will make an eternal difference in a child's life.

We've been told that the fundraising page will remain active for a month after the event, so it isn't too late to donate.  LWB's Healing Homes truly do make a difference for some of the most critically ill children in China.  The M kids were so proud to be walking to help and with the exception of Daniel, they all made the entire 5K.  If you'd like to honor them and their walking efforts, here's a link to our sponsorship page.

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likeschocolate said...

What a great way to spend the day! I do hope you can have Natalie in your arms soon.