Closing in on our formula goal

Know what I love about the readers at Fireworks and Fireflies?

You guys make a difference!

In just six days $1001 has been donated to purchase formula for children at New Day.  That's a lot of $10 and $25 donations y'all (with a few $100+ to keep things exciting)!

Right now we are just $199 short of our goal of $1200.  That represents almost four cases of PediaSmart.

Did you know that with the 30% that Nature's One offers for folks purchasing for New Day (thank you Nature's One!) that $54.56 will cover one case?  One to two meals (depending on the size of your family) eaten at home instead of out at a restaurant this month could easily cover that.

Or did you know that $9.09 will cover one can?  Two coffees at home instead of at Starbucks or Caribou Coffee could make that difference.

Why am I so passionate about the formula when there are numerous surgeries to cover?

The surgery fund is important, very important to support.  I am forever grateful that 2 1/2 years ago others contributed to that fund so that my son could have his open heart surgery.

But we can't forget the "caboose" (in honor of my train crazy little guy) of the healing cycle.  PediaSmart formula dovetails in with the surgery.  In the words of Nature's One

[PediaSmart® Dairy is a good source of nutrition for children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, injuries or during recovery from surgery].

It helps complete the cycle so that these precious kiddos can heal.  Two years ago it was my cherub that was healing...

We're close to our 34 cases y'all.  Wanna be part of healing one more?

Here's how ~ Fundraising 4 Formula

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