It's that time again! [Fundraising 4 Formula]

Last week was our peanut's third birthday.

we "think" he liked the cupcakes
On Wednesday we celebrated the vivacious little boy who is now our son/brother.   That night as his daddy washed frosting out of his hair in the tub, I caught a glimpse of his scar that is a quiet reminder of his medical history.  In the days that have passed, I've reflected that not only was I thankful for his birthday, but also his precious little life.

For this reason, New Day Foster Home is a very special place to us.  Because they do what they do, our Daniel had a second chance at a healthy life.  His surgery was followed with TLC, therapy and plenty of nutrient rich formula as his body healed from the stress.  Now it is our turn to give back so that other wee ones get their chance.

It is time to help get more of this...

the eight cases you helped purchase on july 31

New Day Foster Home: a place where miracles happen for the fatherless ~ but don't take my word for it,  go read for yourselves! of shipping charges.  Our next opportunity to have PediaSmart transported (totally free of charge) back to New Day is here!  This time it's not just one staff member, but a whole family traveling.  And that means lots of suitcase space ~ to the tune of 34 cases of formula!

34 cases of PediaSmart is 204 cans of life enriching nourishment for some of the most medically fragile little ones.  Just over two years ago, my little guy was one of those fragile guys.  Now he is a healthy graduate.  

Today there are little ones like Roy who need the added nutrients to help his tiny body grow stronger as he waits to be strong enough for surgery.

Or children like sweet Jonathan who is continuing to gain strength every day after his surgery in July.  

This particular formula is only available for purchase here in the US and shipping it is a logistical nightmare.  That means keeping the shelves at the foster home full can be a challenge.  Luckily a family of staff members is currently stateside and will be able to carry thirty four cases of PediaSmart back with them when they leave in early October.

This is where you come in.  Once again, our family would like to be part of the effort to keep those formula shelves full. We would like to challenge you to partner with us to purchase the maximum that can be hand carried next month.  To take advantage of this opportunity to get the formula there, we need to raise $1200.  Last time it took just seven hours, let's see what we can do this time in seven days...

If you feel led to help, I have a Chip In box in the right sidebar.  We'd love to see donations of any size.  No amount is too small!  Give as you can, just know that this project is life changing to the children who receive it!

**Oh, and if you have a special place in your heart for New Day, would you help spread the word?**


Laine said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

And we'll take some too!!!!!!! I'll email ya...

Thank you Kristi...more later...

Lilly said...

love that god has a way to guide us to the most needed and cutest babies!

Nancy said...

I hope you do this again because I would really like to contribute. We just can't right now, we have been helping out people in our town and the next one over that have been devastated by the flood and lost everything.