Two things that I wanted to share today.

First of all, I went to bed ~ exhausted ~ around 9 last night.  At that time we were still $189 short of the goal.  And by the time I was able to stop to check progress today ~ we still don't have the school morning routine down like clockwork ~ not only had that $189 come in, but actually $25 more.

We made it.  $1200+ in one week.

You guys amaze me.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see pictures of all that PediaSmart on the shelves when the staff family gets back to New Day.  Even more importantly, I can't wait to see some of the post surgery peanuts gain weight and strength from the nourishment of it!

Thank you for each and every contribution.  It makes a difference!

And for those of you who have emailed to let me know that you'd like to participate if raise for formula again, we may well be collecting to send formula with adoptive families.  Stay tuned.


Second, today marks one year since this email unexpectedly popped up in my inbox.

"Hi Kristi,  I just got this email from [our China liaison]...  Not sure if you are still interested in him, but he is back to the list.  Let me know if you have any questions. "

It had been three weeks since his file had been locked and we had figured someone else was working on their paperwork.  I still remember how I could feel my pulse racing in my temples and how my fingers were so jittery that I could hardly compose a short note to Ian as I forwarded the news.

That email started a paperwork race followed by a lot of waiting.

And today he is well on his way to being able to sing his ABC's, really enjoys a good hamburger on the grill, and he plays in our living room, wearing his brother's hand-me-down silks.

What a year...

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Nancy said...

Yay for meeting your goal!!!! Wow, isn't it amazing how much things can change in a year? God is good!