Sweet treat

There was a little something that my boy was looking forward to all day today.

The moment the girls and I sang Happy Half Birthday to him this morning his little face broke into a huge smile.  At that time he began considering where he'd get his sweet treat tonight.

I'm not so sure his choice between donut chains had much to do with the donuts themselves.  Rather he was pumped about going to "the one where the donuts go around on the veyer belt."  (His interest in machines and how things work is in full swing!)

Today he turned 4 1/2.  Oh my that sounds so old.  Wasn't he still a toddler just yesterday?

Yet when I look back at pictures from his donut celebration last year, I can see the changes.  And while I halfway want to deny the fact, he as GROWN ~ most of that in his legs.  This time last year he could still easily wear 2T pants.  Now many 4T are too short!  But that little waist?  Yeah, at just below the 25% for weight, he can still rock out the 18 month shorts.

(Seriously.  I pulled a pair out of the stash for Daniel the other day when it was warm before I got our summer clothes out.  They were short, but the waist was fine). 

only thing better than a donut on your half birthday is being flanked by your loving sisters to enjoy it!
 Happy half birthday to my Lightning McQueen lovin', number crunchin', fast runnin', super snugglin' son. 

**And we may or may not have indulged in a half dozen of hot donuts AFTER eating one of our favorites each.  I mean, you only experience half the fun by watching the hot donuts being made. **


Andrea said...

We always say "Hot Now!" with the James Brown flair. It makes eating them more exciting!

Laurie said...

Happy 1/2 b-day, Caleb! How cute is he in that hat!! I love it! Wish we had the case of 4T's being too short. Still just peachy in our 3's, but you know that waist is cinched all the way! Too funny! Don't you wish WE had to cinch OUR waists? :)

Rachelle said...

Happy 1/2 B-day! Yes, we are in 4T pants, but the 24 month shorts still fit in waist. CRAZY! Thank goodness for adjustable waist pants.

prechrswife said...

Love this! Krispy Kreme makes for a great half-birthday celebration. Your kids are precious, and it sounds like your little man would get along well with my Lightning McQueen loving 5 and 3 1/2 year old girls...yes, I said girls. :-)

Dusty from AV

Amy Murphy said...

He has grown up so much! What a cutie!

Naomi said...

Don't tell me that you have a Krispy Kreme there in NC too? Oh my!!! Cannot wait to move there!

Happy Half Birthday!!

Glenda said...

My mouth is watering. Happy half birthday, cutie-Caleb! We love you!

Nancy said...

Happy half birthday, big man! Stop growing up so fast! :)

Traci said...

Happy Half birthday big guy!!!
Do me a favor and stop growing!!! :) that goes for all of you!!! :)

Julie said...

I can't wait to take Will to watch the donuts being made, if only he liked donuts!
Thank goodness it's warm now because the 2T's are too short here as well but his waist is too tiny. We were sporting the 18 month shorts yesterday too. When he loses the diaper I don't know what we're going to do, his pants are just going to fall right off! If he only liked donuts we might have a chance :)
Happy 4.5 Caleb!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! He's a boy after my own heart. I LOVE doughnuts.

Our Journey to China said...

Happy sweet half birthday, Caleb!! It looks like everyone enjoyed the celebration!