Cruisin' the block

The grandmas (my mom and Ian's mom ~ isn't it a riot that they are really good friends?) were here early this week. 

And two extra grown-ups around during the day means that there are two extra sets of hands to assist in bike riding around the block. 

So ride we did.   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Just enjoying some of the beauty of spring in NC.

DQ had a laser treatment early Monday morning and we typically lay low for a few days to give her little polka dots some time to fade before we hit "the eye" of the general public. 

Even though some riders felt like they "had it under control" on their own, it was good to have someone to help out on the steep downhills as our trikes have no breaks. 

pedaling furiously on a long, flat stretch
Others were thankful for a few extra sets of hands as they tried out their wheels.

Thank you grandmas for being here to "celebrate ordinary" with us. 


Nancy said...

Oh wow! Spring!!!! I can't wait for it to hit up here. Glad you had some helping hands. How cool that the grandmas are friends.

Shonni said...

That is so wonderful to have those special grandmas there.
And I can’t believe how much beautiful spring color you already have. We are BARELY seeing peaks of green grass.

Rachelle said...

Fun! We are still waiting on spring in PA. The flowers look beautiful... as do the little ones :)

Traci said...

Extra hands are always great to have around!!! we have been enjoying this great weather too!

Lindy said...

It looks so pretty where you are. How nice both grandmothers could stay with Kylie and Caleb, while you took DQ to the doctor's office. I hope that the laser treatments are working the way you hoped they would!

Our Journey to China said...

Absolutely awesome! God is so good!!

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