You say potato

Most of the time my children enjoy one another's company and really have fun playing together.  
Those are the moments when all is right with the world and there is harmony in our house.

But of course when you have three "may as well be triplets" close in age kids in the house, you are bound to have some disagreements.  Sometimes those disagreements get loud.

And those are the moments when we have disharmony.

As with most sibling sets I know, the disharmonious moments can stem from reasons all over the map.

Sometimes what they are disagreeing about is really frustrating.  I could write a lot about the frustrating ones, but I won't.  (For now anyway)

Sometimes it is hilarious.  Really HILARIOUS!

Case in point ~ The youngest two have an ongoing argument these days.  I can count on hearing them go back and forth with this one at least ten times a day.

It starts with anyone saying "thank you" for any reason and then goes something like this...

"I say thank you."

"I say xie xie (pronounced sheh sheh)."

"I say thank you."

"I say xie xie."

"I say thank you!"

"I say xie xie!"

"I say THANK YOU!"

"I say XIE XIE!"

And it goes on and on, volume escalating with each volley until I roll my eyes step in and remind them that both languages to say "thank you" work in our house.  Then they smile at each other and laugh and "just like that" it's over.

Offering "the olive branch." ~ Not actually taken after a "thank you/xie xie standoff," but they had been "into it" about something else and then Caleb offered his flower in apology.  She didn't take it, but he did offer...

The part that makes it super hilarious?  Caleb's the one yelling XIE XIE.


Leslie said...

So cute. I thought surely Darcy was the "xie xie" one. =)

Nancy said...

Me too! I thought it was Darcy!

Laurie said...

OH, now that is funny!! The flower offering (and the non-acceptance of it) is pretty darn funny too!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh. Now THAT is funny.

Anna Grace and Andrew's Jie Jie said...

Tooo Funny!

Rachelle said...

Very cute! Oh the fighting.... does it ever end????

Heather said...

I thought it was Darcy too, ha! Have you got that one on video? It would be a keeper, ha!

Melanie & David said...

Oh the fighting - I am so relieved when other parents mention it. It's the most exhausting part of there being a sibling in the family. It also amazes me how fast it can escalate - from peaceful playing to high drama. Then the sweet moments are so sweet. I love the thank you/xie xie story - so cute and the flower offering. I also think Kylie looks darling in her apron. I see your sweet pooch watching the kids from the background. Happy Father's Day to Ian. Melanie

thebaushouse said...

I love it! :>)

Traci said...


Grandma Shultz said...

Caleb saying "xie xie" is too funny. You'd think he was the one who has only been here from China for 4 months! Neat that they are know both.
Love you,