Time in the "litle house"

In addition to "build your own sprinkler" time and Kylie helping me out in the kitchen some (I didn't get a picture of that, but my sister did), my kids and their cousins spent a lot of time in the lodge at camp that our family used.  Our lodge is much smaller than the one the CCC staff was using, so the kids instinctively dubbed them "the big house" and the "little house."

One (and ONLY one) of our days it was rainy and cool ~ the rest of the days it was HOT and HUMID ~ and so they spent A LOT of time playing in the big room of the "little house."

Caleb and Pierson spent some time playing cars with Daddy/"Unck-ul Ein."
Yes, there is a baby doll beside my son.  Yes, it is his.  We just got tired of him carrying around one of Kylie's pink babies.  And yes, he is stuffing his cars into a purple purse.  He loves to carry his cars around in bags and I forgot the Elmo ones so he had to "make do" with what he had available.  What can I say?  When boy has two sisters...
Maylin was the Scooter Queen!  Thank goodness we had such a big, open room to ride in.  'Cause she could get from one side to the other ~ FAST!
And Kylie and Darcy were in make believe land, boarding their airplane for a big trip.  Any guesses on where they were headed?
Hint ~ look beside Kylie on the floor...
And just because it is fun, another "cousins wearing matching pajamas" picture.
(This year the Easter Bunny brought practical things like pajamas, boxes of character band-aids (we've already used all of ours), and jump ropes instead of candy.  And Traci and I had both bought the boys pajamas at different times and found out later we had the same ones.  They do say that great minds...)


Leslie said...

I love the new picture in your header! =)

Looks like y'all had a great time at the camp. My guess is that Kylie and Darcy are on their way to China to pick up Caleb's third sister out of five.

Those sure are some cute kids!!

Jess and Tim said...

Love the matching PJ's! I need to find something matching for my 3-makes a great pic!!


Jennifer Taylor said...

LOVE IT! I love that the girls are going on the airplane & the doll is priceless!

Nancy said...

Love the matching PJs! So cute!

C.C. said...

Oh my word!! Those pictures of all the kids together are just precious!!

Jenn said...

Oh no!! I lost it when I saw the picture of the girls on the airplane! Sweetest picture EVER!! Okay...weeping again. I've been an emotional mess as of late. ;)

I simply cannot wait sometimes to see what this sweet next generation is going to do with their lives.

Love the pic of the cousins in their matching pj's too!!

Traci said...

My kids ask if we are going to the little house all the time... they want to play with "Ky-ee, Kay-eb, and Gar-see"

Grandma Shultz said...

What a fun time! They rode those scooters so fast that I was afraid they'd smash each other - however, it never happened! Kylie and Darcy went to China to get their "baby sister". It was fun to just sit in the rocking chair there in the room and listen to their pretending. They took it very seriously!
We did have fun in the "little house".